Friday, June 21, 2013

"Let's Make a Deal"
Today was a fun adventure & definitely one for the books. My mom and I today decided to attend "Let's Make a Deal" with Wayne Brady, and what a treat that was. Being fans of the show we knew we had to dress up to be a part of the audience and dressing up we did... I dressed up as "Julius Cesar" and my mom as a "Movie Star"

Mom & I waiting in line to "Let's Make a Deal"
The show is filmed in Sunset Bronson Studios in Hollywood, Ca. The staff from beginning to end were friendly, courteous, fun, energetic, and an all around blast to be around (quiet the contrast from the crew from The Marie Osmond Show). Wayne Brady is a very funny, keeps you on your toes kind of comedian, and he really makes the show. The show regardless if you are trying to win money or not you get sucked into wanting the contestant to win big yelling "curtain 1!" "curtain 2!" "big box!" "take the money!" haha. Id recommend anyone that has a few hours and is in the Los Angeles area to catch tickets to this game show...

Sunset Bronson Studios, where "Let's Make a Deal" is filmed 

My audience no.19
lining up to get into the studio
Dancing, clapping, and screaming at the top of our lungs worked up an appetite at "Let's Make a Deal". Being in LA and having a craving for hamburgers, only one thing could come to mind... UMAMI! I have been to umami a couple times, but it was my moms first time. We decided to make the drive down to the grove, and have some umami. Absolutely delicious! haha the truffle burger and the truffle fries were sending my taste buds on a ride.

The Grove
Umami Burger, The Grove 
Truffle Burger, Umami Burger 
Truffle Fries, Umami Burger
After lunner (when you eat between lunch and dinner), we made our rounds through the stores that they have at the grove. Our sweet tooth kicked in and ice cream was what it craved. Ice cream from Bennette's Homemade Ice Cream located at the Farmers Market hit the spot. At $4 a scoop it's not cheap, but man did it taste good, especially on the first day of summer! haha 

The Grove 
Cookies n' Cream, Bennett's Homemade Ice Cream
If the first day of summer was any indication of what this summer is going be like, it's going to be a fun one. 

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