Saturday, May 11, 2013

run for a cure

No better way to celebrate mother's day weekend than going for a run for a good cause. The Revlon 5k Run/Walk is a great organization that helps a lot of women. My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor & as much as she may get on my nerves, I love her to death. This year family friends Selsa & Marissa joined my mom and i. It was definitely a great feeling knowing you were doing something to help others in need. The race is in the streets of downtown la, around the USC campus. It's absolutely breathtaking seeing thousands of people with various shades of pink marching down the streets of la. 

me representing with my pink shirt
the start of the race in front of the colosseum
andy garcia? homeless man? haha 

There's a very special moment throughout the race that you enter into a church. This church is absolutley breathtaking. Some people just continue going through along the course of the walk, but many stray away and just be thankful for the life we have and be thankful for today

Revlon Run/Walk

entering the colosseum to the finish line 

revlon run/walk

mom, me, selsa, marissa after the race

medal & bib 
So after the race, we decided to have breakfast, and we decided to go to a YELP! recommended restaurant The Gorbals. I am no food critic, but this place is ehhh. DELICIOUS food, beautiful decor, but the pricing? little exaggerated. The Gorbals is a little secret in a building in downtown LA, if you don't know what you're looking for you won't find it. I had the cornbread french toast which was delicious. What wasn't delicious was the $7 mimosa shot that we ordered, and we had four of them (overpriced). OVERALL! it was a great place to try something a little different. 

The Gorbals

Cornbread French Toast

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