Thursday, May 30, 2013

thirsty thursday: cabo cantina

Cabo Cantina 

1240 3rd Street Promenade 
Santa Monica, Ca


If you're looking for a quiet bar with great prices and a lounge atmosphere. Cabo Cantina is not the place for you. Cabo Cantina is a great bar located on the Santa Monica Promenade.  

"...Cabo Cantina is the perfect place to enjoy good drinks, good food and good prices in a fun, casual atmosphere filled with upbeat party hits and classic rock booming from our jukebox. Our famous 2-for-1 priced Happy Hour lasts from 4-8pm, 7 days a week…and we have a 2-for-1 Late Night Happy Hour too!"...They serve tasty Mexican favorites, such as our sizzling fajita platter, nachos with all the fixings, grandé burritos, street tacos and more!"

This Thirsty Thursday, Xiomara and I escaped to Cabo Catina to celebrate her belated birthday. We definitely took advantage of the two for one happy hour haha enjoying shots and margaritas. We had a blast down in Santa Monica. If you're looking for a fun cheap night out, Cabo Cantina is the place to go! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

laguna beach

Hortense Miller Garden

"Established in 1959, covers two and one half acres of the upper slopes of Boat Canyon in Laguna Beach, California.  The Garden demonstrates the range of plants that can be grown in Southern California coastal zones.  It provides a source of visual information and inspiration for visitors planning their own gardens.  The use of of fertilizers and chemical controls has been limited in the Garden, so as to encourage a diversity of plant and wildlife species. On the sunnier side of the house a perennial garden displays a profusion of flowers during all seasons.  Further down the path to the lower entrance, large succulents lead to rare Puyas from Chile.  The northwesterly half of the Garden is devoted to preservation of the native coastal Sage Scrub."
- Friends of the Hortense Miller Garden 

Hortense Miller Garden

A hidden gem in the hills of Laguna Beach. This lush  garden oasis is tucked away in a gated community and is a true labor of love by Hortense Miller & the volunteers that continue to dedicate their time to this Laguna Beach park. This garden is home to an abundance of species of trees and plants, as well as stunning views of the Laguna beach canyon & coastline. The Hortense Miller garden is quiet a site to visit. You have to be able to appreciate the beauty in nature & in architecture to enjoy this visit. The garden is completely FREE to visit, the foundation does however ask for a small $10 donation for the maintenance of the garden. Reservations are needed to visit this location, and a simple phone call to the number provided below will ensure you that. They'll mail you a map & directions on where to meet the docent. The cool thing about this place is that every time you go you'll experience a different garden, with different flowers blooming all year around you'll never see the same garden twice.  

Hortense Miller Garden
Hortense Miller Garden
Hortense Miller Garden
Hortense Miller Garden
Hortense Miller Garden
Horten Miller Garden
Hortense Miller Garden
Hortense Miller Garden
Guided Tours: 
Hours:  Tuesday through Saturday, 9:45 to Noon, by reservation.
Duration: Approximately two hours.
Cost: FREE (donations are appreciated).
Reservations: (949) 497-0716 

Tower At Victoria Beach

A true diamond in the ruff. Built in 1926, The Tower at Victoria Beach was designed as a private spiraling staircase for beach access from above. Today the tower is closed but can still be viewed from the outside at low tide. The Tower at Victoria Beach is one of those things that you have to know what you're looking for when you go. This old castle like tower stands tall alongside the Laguna Beach coastline. It's a picturesque sight. Getting there is is quiet the daunting challenge IF you don't know where you're going, but since I did it already ill save you the trouble...
1. park along PCH near McAulay Place.
2. make your way down McAulay place until you find a set of stair hidden between two houses that would lead you down to the beach. 
3. Take the stairs down to the shore. 
4. Once you've reached the bottom, look to the right, you'll see a rocky beach and a cliff. (the tower is not yet visible just trust me)
5. make your way over the rocky shore. (TAKE WATER SHOES! if you plan on tackling this barefoot be ready for a little pain - nothing unbearable but don't say I didn't warn you). 
6. once you've gone through the pain, you will see the gain. the tower will stand in front of you like the hidden treasure that it is. 
View walking down McAulay Place
View walking down the stairs to Victoria Beach
Victoria Beach
Tower at Victoria Beach
Victoria Beach is very quiet & reserved. please be courteous of the residents, because this is still a residential area. At most you'll see other beach goers & the occasional photographer trying to snap some pics of this landmark. 

Saint Francis by the Sea Catholic Cathedral 

"St. Francis By-The-Sea Church is an American Catholic Church. Its small cathedral is a national historic landmark in Laguna Beach. All faiths are welcome to pray and worship here. The Church is a popular destination for small ceremonies, such as the renewal of vows."
- Laguna Beach Patch

Saint Francis by the Sea Catholic Church
Saint Francis by the Sea Catholic Church
Unfortunately we weren't able to go inside the church for it was closed. But most definitely going back to take a peak of this 42 person cathedral. Built in 1933, this small cathedral is now the worlds second smallest church. Quiet a novelty location for any one.  

430 Park Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

(949) 497-4678
(before you go make sure you call just to make sure they're open)

Alta Laguna Park

If you want that "I'm on top of the world" feeling, Alta Laguna Park is a great place to go. You get stunning views of Laguna Canyon as well as views of the coastline. If you get lucky and go on a clear day, it's a perfect place to go have a picnic or go on a hike along the trails. 

"Location: From Pacific Coast Highway, turn onto Laguna Avenue which changes into Park Avenue after a block. Follow this steep road past the high school and all the way to the T-intersection at the top of the hill. Turn left to get to the park (parking lot is on the right)."

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach
As always the best way to drive back home is going down Pacific Coast Highway. My mom & I, ravished from the day's adventures decided to make a stop at BJs in Huntington Beach for happy hour. Pizza, Pasta, and Pazzokie were the perfect combination to top of a good start to Memorial Day Weekend. 

Mini Pazookie from BJ's 
Happy Hour Margarita from BJ's 
Huntington Beach Pier

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Well what a year it has been. Last year my family and I purchased the Disneyland Resort AP, and honestly it was one of the best investments we made. Disneyland offers a great deal where you can pay for it in monthly installments, and on top of that with the Annual Pass you do get 10% off purchases and food purchases at both parks.

Disneyland Favorites:
It's a Small World (during Christmas Time)
Disneyland at Christmas time 
Taking Pictures with the Characters 
Indiana Jones
Space Hamburgers
Pirates of the Caribbean 
Splash Mountain 
Cotton Candy

California Adventure Favorites: 
Hollywood Tower of Terror
Toy Story Mania
Soarin' Over California 
Little Mermaid
It's Tough to be a Bug
Aladdin: The Musical
World of Color 

disney balloons 
grandma, me and mom during halloween  
california adventure  
me, max and my mom 
mickey and i 
mickey and minnie candy apples 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

run for a cure

No better way to celebrate mother's day weekend than going for a run for a good cause. The Revlon 5k Run/Walk is a great organization that helps a lot of women. My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor & as much as she may get on my nerves, I love her to death. This year family friends Selsa & Marissa joined my mom and i. It was definitely a great feeling knowing you were doing something to help others in need. The race is in the streets of downtown la, around the USC campus. It's absolutely breathtaking seeing thousands of people with various shades of pink marching down the streets of la. 

me representing with my pink shirt
the start of the race in front of the colosseum
andy garcia? homeless man? haha 

There's a very special moment throughout the race that you enter into a church. This church is absolutley breathtaking. Some people just continue going through along the course of the walk, but many stray away and just be thankful for the life we have and be thankful for today

Revlon Run/Walk

entering the colosseum to the finish line 

revlon run/walk

mom, me, selsa, marissa after the race

medal & bib 
So after the race, we decided to have breakfast, and we decided to go to a YELP! recommended restaurant The Gorbals. I am no food critic, but this place is ehhh. DELICIOUS food, beautiful decor, but the pricing? little exaggerated. The Gorbals is a little secret in a building in downtown LA, if you don't know what you're looking for you won't find it. I had the cornbread french toast which was delicious. What wasn't delicious was the $7 mimosa shot that we ordered, and we had four of them (overpriced). OVERALL! it was a great place to try something a little different. 

The Gorbals

Cornbread French Toast

Friday, May 10, 2013

south of the border

This mother's day my mom, grandma and I, decided to go south of the border, like we did last year. It's a jam packed turn around trip down to Mexicali, Baja California. Literally 4 hours to get over there, spend 3 hours in Mexico, and 4 hours driving back. It's always fun going down to Mexicali, AMAZING TACOS! for people that live in Los Angeles, you think King Tacos are good? these tacos are to die for! It's always a little sad however going down to Mexico, because we always make a stop at the cemetery to pay our respects to my Great Grandmother & my Grandmother whom have passed away. Never the less always a good time spending it with the two leading ladies in my life. 

on the way the the border


abuelita maria

abuelita zenaida

yes haha that is a sink on a pole haha 


yes it is as delicious as it looks 

headed back home 

love taking pictures of clouds on clear days