Sunday, November 3, 2013

brunch at the reef

Brunch at the Reef 

The Reef


880 Harbor Scenic DriveLong Beach, CA 90802

(It is a little tricky getting there if you're not too familiar with the downtown Long Beach area, so go with a couple minutes ahead of time in order to make sure you get there on time.) 

my first round 

This was my first time at The Reef, I had heard about it from my coworkers for years about how delicious the food was. Today I finally had the chance to experience what all the hype was about and it definitely delivered. 

the reef

They offered a wide variety of food form pasta, sea food, Mexican, omelets, and even a chocolate fountain. Like any regular brunch, The Reef has unlimited champagne, but be careful it does creep up on you after a while. 

brittany and i

It was a total blast being able to celebrate Robin's birthday with Brittany, we always manage to have a blast where ever we go. 

the view from our table 

Robin, is a regular at The Reef, and she knew to make reservations in Augie's Section (a very funny and flamboyant waiter that works on Sundays). The view was spectacular, being able to enjoy great conversation, amazing food, all with good people

Happy Birthday RoRo