Friday, May 10, 2013

south of the border

This mother's day my mom, grandma and I, decided to go south of the border, like we did last year. It's a jam packed turn around trip down to Mexicali, Baja California. Literally 4 hours to get over there, spend 3 hours in Mexico, and 4 hours driving back. It's always fun going down to Mexicali, AMAZING TACOS! for people that live in Los Angeles, you think King Tacos are good? these tacos are to die for! It's always a little sad however going down to Mexico, because we always make a stop at the cemetery to pay our respects to my Great Grandmother & my Grandmother whom have passed away. Never the less always a good time spending it with the two leading ladies in my life. 

on the way the the border


abuelita maria

abuelita zenaida

yes haha that is a sink on a pole haha 


yes it is as delicious as it looks 

headed back home 

love taking pictures of clouds on clear days 

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